Monday, November 28, 2016

Postman : Using Postman for Implicit Grant on ADFS 4.0

This is ADFS 4.0 (Server 2016) and you need the official release.

I tried to get this working on the TPx series but no joy.

I kept getting the error:

"MSIS9358: Received invalid OAuth authorization request. The authorization server does not support the response type 'token' for confidential clients."

However, there is an extra entry in the official release which seems to to the job.

When you select this entry, you first get to configure a "Native Application" that generates a ClientID and you need to provide a "Redirect URI" and then an "Access Policy".

You end up with something like:

and you can configure the web application with claims etc.

The "Native Application" seems a bit weird but refer Customizing Id_Token Claims with OpenId Connect in AD FS 2016.

"Behind the scenes, this template creates a native client and new app type called Web application, which is just a Web API with an Identifier (RPID) that matches the native client's client ID. This means the Web application is simultaneously client and resource, so you can assign issuance transform rules as you would with a Web API."

As always, the gist is here.

You need to run this in a browser, The implicit flow returns an access token straight away. You miss out the intermediate step of getting a code and then using that for an access token. It's normally used for SPA where JavaScript is involved. Hence no security key is required as that would be easy to access.

If you look at the access token with e.g., you see:

Notice the "apptype" is "Public" and this is what is required for this flow. Hence the error about "confidential clients".


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