Friday, June 01, 2007

Unix : DOS format on a Unix box

Quite often I use an IDE on Windows to edit the file and then FTP the file to a Linux box. (Mainly because vi sucks major league, big time!)

Anyway, the Unix compiler sometimes complains about rogue characters. An easy way to fix this is to use the


utility which reads the text file and converts to Unix format.


ASP : Using LiveHTTPHeaders to monitor what's being sent

Quite often, you need to see what a web site is sending from the ASP pages. You could use something like Ethereal but if you are a Firefox fan, an easy way is to use LiveHTTPHeaders.

You can get the LiveHTTPHeaders Firefox extension from here.

Then install it.

Click Firefox Tools / LiveHTTPHeaders.

If you want to limit the URL's that are monitored and you are a dab hand at regular expressions, then click Config tab / Filter URL's with regexp

Close the Config tab

From the Firefox menu, click Select View / Sidebar / LiveHTTPHeaders (or alternatively click Alt L)

Open a page from the website you wish to monitor. What is displayed is what is being sent to the server.