Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mercurial : A tutorial

Have been using Subversion for some time but am looking to move to something that handles merges with a little less pain.

I refactored a whole lot of code, moved tons of stuff around and merging this was a pain!

Came across this tutorial by Joel Spolsky. He writes really well as regular readers of his blog will know. Nothing wrong with a bit of humour and it's not often that I LOL reading tutorials :-)

There's also a "Red Bean" book here.


Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Misc : Tools I use

These are the ones I use almost every day. These all run on Windows XP.

Free unless otherwise stated.

Not quite as large as Scott Hanselman's Ultimate Developer And Power Users Tool List For Windows though !

Notepad ++ - really useful text editor with language syntax - multiple tabs and multi-file search.

Winmerge - text compare and merge utility - I use it every day!

Beyond Compare - file compare which also works across FTP sites - really useful for testing if deployments etc. are up to date. Not free.

Paint.Net - graphics manipulation program. use it all the time for inserting screen shots into specs. etc.

Feeddemon - Windows RSS aggregator. Synchronises with Google Reader.

Wireshark - protocol analyser and LAN sniffer.

7-zip - handles zip files, jar files and just about everything else.

Passwordsafe - keeps my millions of passwords safe and sound.

Printscreen - allows you to print / copy / save screens or portions of them.

Google toolbar - especially the Spell check.

Sysinternals - excellent range of utilities - I user "Process Explorer", "Process Monitor", "ZoomIt" and "TcpView" a lot but have a look.

Putty - Telnet / SSH client.


XP : Clearing out and freeing up disk space

The old XP warhorse was seriously low on disk space so a bit of TLC was required.

Warning: This worked for me - you're on your own! Backup important stuff first!

Run CCleaner.

Just get it dude!

Then run PC Decrapifier. This didn't do much in my case but then I'm quite strict on what I install in the first place.

Then, using Explorer Search, I searched for *.log, *.tmp and *.bak and deleted all the junk.

Then I searched for all files greater than 10 Mb and deleted all the junk.

Advice: If in doubt , don't delete.

Then I deleted the old "Windows Update" files. These are the ones in the /Windows folder in folders like "$NtUninstallKB842773$". Again, Google this if you're not sure.

Then I deleted the files in the /Windows/Prefetch folder. Again, Google this if you're not sure.

If you have SQL server installed, you can clear out most of the files on the C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Setup Bootstrap\LOG folder. Again, Google this if you're not sure.

And then run Windirstat. This gives a graphical representation of who is using what. Poke around a bit.

Man, I had a ton of crap on my PC and now it's gone!