Wednesday, December 19, 2012

WCF : Missing WCF .svc file in project


I created a WCF project in VS 2010 in the normal manner but when I wanted to connect to it, I found that the .svc file was missing?


So I published the project to a folder. Lo and behold, the .svc file appeared in all its glory!

I then added this folder as an application to IIS 7.5 and all was sweetness and light.


Friday, December 14, 2012

SAML : Encoding / decoding a trace


I blogged previously about ways to look at the SAML trace and decode the gobbledegook (actually it’s Base 64!).

One of the ways I mentioned was to use the text wizard inside Fiddler.

The problem is that to use it, you have to start Fiddler which installs proxies, generates certificate errors etc. The cure is almost worse than the symptoms!

So I sent Eric Lawrence (the author of Fiddler) an email to ask if they could make the text wizard functionality a standalone option.

You may think that’s a bit of a cheek but in my experience, people welcome feedback etc. as long as it’s valid and not the “Please do my homework for me” or “Help it doesn’t work” kind of stuff.

He was kind enough to reply and he suggested:

Inside Fiddler’s Rules > Customize Rules > OnBoot, insert:

 static function OnBoot() {
if (Environment.CommandLine.Contains("-TextWizard"))

Then create a shortcut that launches Fiddler like so:

C:\>"C:\Program Files\Fiddler2\Fiddler.exe" -viewer –TextWizard

Works like a dream.