Wednesday, November 09, 2016

AAD : Advanced user lifecycle management

Done so much ADFS stuff lately, it's cool to look at Azure AD for a change!

Good overview

So to provision users into Azure AD as per above:

"Azure AD provides automated, advanced user life-cycle management by using dynamic group membership rules and application management capabilities. Here’s more detail:
  • For organisations with on-premises HR, Microsoft Identity Manager establishes user identities in Windows Server Active Directory.
  • For organisations with software as a service (SaaS)–delivered HR, Azure AD currently integrates with Workday.
  • Azure AD Connect syncs users and groups between Windows Server Active Directory and Azure AD.
  • Azure AD provides group-based automated licensing for Office 365 and other Microsoft on line services."
Or you could use the Graph API.

Or manually via the portal.

Or via B2B.

What is really needed as well is a browser-based provisioning service into Azure AD that does not require the use of the Azure portal, admin rights. etc.

Extra brownie points for adding delegated admin. as well :-)



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