Monday, July 11, 2016

Speaking : Getting organised

I been doing a few presentations lately and doing some co-presenting. Some of this with people with very little speaking experience.

Two tips:

Have a work sheet

Write down all the screens and utilities that you will use and use this to check that all are open and logged in before the presentation starts.

  • I'm using Azure so ensure I'm logged into the classic and new portal.
  • I'm using Zoomit so ensure it's opened
  • I'm using VS so ensure it's opened and the correct project is loaded
  • I'm using Notepad++ so ensure it's opened
The audience doesn't want to watch you logging into Azure or trying to find that icon.

Write down what you will demo.

When you are standing up there you will be nervous and you will forget to demo. some stuff.

So write down what you will demo., the order, any pertinent points etc.

Print this out in larger type so you can read it from some distance. Have blank lines between the points.

Good luck.


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