Friday, September 11, 2015

ADFS : HttpException (0x80004005) : Failed to Execute URL

Got this exception on a web site (SP) talking to ADFS 2012 R2 using SAML-P 2.0.

So long conversation with Mr. Google.

The garbage that comes up on these searches these days is ridiculous  It takes you hours to sift through all the dross.

Suggested actions:

The last one looked like a no-brainer because it specifically talks about a site behind ADFS. Except ... it didn't work.

The second was the suggestion from:

Failed to Execute URL Exception when on windows 2003 relying party with IIS 6 .

@paullem suggested that it was because the Name claim was null. The fix was to add a dummy claim inside CAM (the Claims Authentication Manager).

I was using ADFS and the Name claim wasn't used to I simply ran up a static claim i.e.

=> issue(Type = "", Value = "Joe Bloggs"); 

That seemed to do the trick.


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