Tuesday, May 19, 2015

ADFS : Getting the latest updates and hotfixes

This is for Active Directory Federation Services / "AD FS".

The Windows Update with ADFS doesn't always seem to work so I use this Google search string to find the latest updates and hotfixes.

This particular example is for ADFS 3.0 (Server 2102 R2) but you can easily adapt for any version.

("server 2012 r2" OR "fs 3.0") (update OR hotfix) (adsf OR "ad fs" OR "active directory federation services")  site:support.microsoft.com

The "Site" command restricts the search to that site only.

It's one of those handy Google search tips like:

auckland -"north shore"

will search for Auckland but ignore any with the words "north shore".

Also, came across this link:

Updates for Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS)


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