Monday, June 23, 2014

Stackoverflow : 15,000 rep

Well, taken a while but just crossed that boundary!

So I can now:

"protect questions

Privilege type: Moderation privilege
Awarded at: 15,000 reputation"

Only one more privilege to get:

"trusted user
Privilege type: Milestone privilege
Awarded at: 20,000 reputation"

So just a small matter of another 5,000!

Why do I do it? - basically:

  • I like helping people
  • I try and evangelise Identity - and this is a good way to do it
  • I learn something every time I research an answer

Most of the time, I pretty much know the answer but it's that quest for the "perfect" answer that leads to research which leads to me better understanding something.

Also, half the time when I try and explain something I realise I don't understand it as well as I thought I did or as well as I should!

See An Ode to Server Fault for a similar viewpoint.


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