Monday, June 30, 2014

ADFS : VS 2013 and FedUtil

In VS 2013, there was a wizard called FedUtil which handled the "binding" between your WIF project and ADFS, sorted out the web.config configuration etc.

In VS 2012, this wizard was called the "Identity and Access Tool"

In VS 2013, there was - oh that's right - nothing!

But, fear not, there is a way.

Using VS 2013 Update 2:

  • Create an ASP.NET Web Application
  • Click "Change Authentication"
  • Select the "Organisational Accounts" radio button
  • In the "Cloud - Single Organisation" drop down - select "On-Premises"
  • Under "On-Premises Authority", enter the ADFS Metadata URL
  • Under "App ID URI", type the identifier or leave blank for default
  • Click "OK"
  • Back on the "New ASP.NET Project" screen, Authentication should say "Organisational Auth (On-Premises)"
  • Click OK
  • Done

When the project is created, you'll see the web.config has been updated.


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