Tuesday, April 09, 2013

AD : Using a filter for UAC bits and null attributes


There’s a lot of functionality in the AD API’s and there are neat API’s to enable / disable users but what if you want to search for them e.g. find all users in an OU that are currently disabled.

You could just search for all the users in an OU and then enumerate through all of them where:

user.Enabled = false;

but that’s a pain.

Enter RFC2254.

Or look here: Search Filter Syntax

What you will find is the matching rule OIDs.


1.2.840.113556.1.4.803 = A match is found only if all bits from the attribute match the value. This rule is equivalent to a bitwise AND operator.

UAC is described here: Attributes for AD Users : userAccountControl.

Note that: Const ADS_UF_ACCOUNT_DISABLE = 2.

So now that we have laid the framework, back to the original question.

To search for disabled users, the filter would be:


One of the problems with AD is “null” attributes i.e. attributes that in ADUC display as “not set”.

To search for these e.g. for email, use the filter:


* is the AD wildcard so this searches for users who don’t have an email address.

So to search for disabled users who don’t currently have an email address, use:


This stuff does your head in!


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