Thursday, December 06, 2018

ADFS : MSIS7042 - The same client browser session has made '6' requests

The full error message is:

Exception details: Microsoft.IdentityServer.Web.InvalidRequestException: MSIS7042: The same client browser session has made '6' requests in the last '7' seconds. Contact your administrator for details.

There are many causes for this; one being the "missing /" on the identifier.

I found one recently where I was running an ASP.NET MVC application inside VS that was authenticated via ADFS. This used the OWIN WS-Fed middleware.

I couldn't authenticate because of this error.

ADFS will only accept https connections so the RP was configured with a:



But on VS, inside "Properties / Web", I noticed that the URL was:


Setting this to https fixed the problem.

Go figure.

I found a similar solution here.


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