Monday, May 08, 2017

ADFS : Passing NameID across CP and RP

Imagine the following:

CP A --> federated with CP B --> RP

So a user goes to the RP and via HRD on CP B selects CP A and authenticates against AD.

The claims derived from CP A need to be passed across.

On CP A we have the standard LDAP rules since the user authenticated against that AD.

One of the claims we want to pass across is NameID.

You have to configure pass-through rules on CP B and the RP.

So the claims are configured in three places.

The problem is that NameID never makes it across.

There are a number of posts from people reporting the same thing but no solution.

The way I got around it was:

Assume that we want sAMAccountName to be NameID.

On CP A, have a LDAP rule:

sAMAccountName --> http://company/claims/sAMAccountName

Plus pass-through all the other claims.

On CP B, have a Transform rule:

http://company/claims/sAMAccountName --> NameID

Plus pass-through all the other claims. 

In the RP, pass-through all the claims including NameID.

Now imagine you have two RP, RP A and RP B.

RP A wants sAMAccountName to be NameID.

RP B wants UPN to be NameID.

Now we have a problem because they both share the same pipeline CP A and CP B. You can't have two different rules both passing NameID.

What you have to do on CP A is:

UPN --> http://company/claims/UPN

Here you pass both http://company/claims/sAMAccountName and http://company/claims/UPN through on CP B and then transform them at the RP level to the NameID; one for each.


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