Monday, September 12, 2016

OAuth2 : Verifying the ADFS JWT signature

I wrote up this post recently: OAuth2 : Verifying the Azure AD JWT signature.

So how do you do this with ADFS? You need ADFS 4.0 - Server 2016.

This has the following ADFS OAuth information ( ~ metadata) endpoints:

If we go to the "keys" endpoint, we see:

  "keys": [
      "kty": "RSA",
      "use": "sig",
      "alg": "RS256",
      "kid": "hHk-...A6k",
      "x5t": "hHk-...A6k",
      "n": "tGy...w9Q",
      "e": "AQAB",
      "x5c": [

The information under "x5c" is the certificate that you need.

As  per the linked post, you need to wrap this with "---BEGIN--- ---END---" and copy / paste and you'll see that the signing key is now verified.


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