Thursday, August 25, 2016

Postman : Using Postman to get "Userinfo" on ADFS

This follows on from Postman : Using Postman to get "Userinfo" on Azure AD.

There's a ton of stuff on Azure AD but very little on ADFS.

The gist is here.

Same instructions as the Azure AD article.

In terms of configuring ADFS, have a look at ADFS - Web App and Web API on Server 2016 TP4 ADFS 4.0 . You only need to do the Web App. part.



Unknown said...

The userInfo endpoint only seems to return the "sub", not enough for most OIDC applications (e.g. Salesforce which expects more info back). Have you found a way to get more info from the userInfo endpoint?

nzpcmad said...

No, that's by design.

No idea why they only decided to return "sub".