Tuesday, June 14, 2016

ADFS : All good things come to an end

One upon a time way back in 2008, Microsoft came up with a new direction for authentication and authorisation called "Claims-based authentication".

They had a new STS (that became ADFS) that had the codename "Geneva" and a new set of client-side classes to handle the WS-Fed interaction with Geneva called WIF.

It was announced in a blog post on November 3rd 2008.

And Vittorio Bertocci came on board as an evangelist to help spread the word.

To handle all the inevitable teething problems they created a forum. This was mainly focused on development.

The world rolls on, claims are now mainstream and underpin the Microsoft stack e.g. Office 365, Azure AD, SharePoint, CRM Dynamics etc.

WIF rolled through to OWIN (Katana) and OWIN is rolling through to IdentityServer in .NET Core.

ADFS 2.0 will shortly become ADFS 4.0 with far more functionality.

The ADFS proxy became WAP.

Vittorio is now a Principal PM with the Azure AD team.

And so this forum has closed.

Which is sad in a way. Looking back through my history, I first started answering questions in June 2011 - five long years ago.

Since then, I've contributed to almost 700 questions and hopefully helped a lot of people trying to get to grips with these products.

The content is still fully searchable so all that goodness lives on.

The good news is the forum lives on in a more focused way.

Hope to see you there!


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