Monday, April 11, 2016

stackoverflow : Finally, the 20,000 rep barrier!

When I started at SO roughly 8 years ago, the highest rep. that gave you extra privileges was 20,000.

so that was always my goal.

However, in writing this, I discovered that they have added a new privilege at 25,000.

It's taken me a while:

but I finally got there.

One of the reasons it's taken so long is that I only answer questions in a very small "obscure" category i.e. around Identity mainly ADFS, SAML and WIF.

I got a big boost from getting a 500 rep. bounty which for a brief instant of time put me into Jon Skeet territory.

i.e. the top 0.01% !!!

(Normally I sit at about 2%).

In  terms of where I sit among the approx 5 million regular SO users (who have rep.):

My badge collection is coming along nicely.

And every now and then I get an extra bonus:

The top non-Microsoft article around MSAL.

OK - that's because it's brand new and there are basically zero articles but hey - I'll take it :-)

So on to 25,000 - only 4,979 to go!


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