Thursday, March 31, 2016

ADFS - Native Client and Web API on Server 2016 TP4 ADFS 4.0

This follows on from my previous post concerning Web App and Web API.

This is for Active Directory Federation Services on Server 2016 Technical Preview 4.

The code is based on the Azure AD sample: Active directory .NET native desktop.

Just ignore all the Azure AD comments. There is no Azure in this solution.

In the solution, I've set the the web API to be at localhost:44324.

The native desktop client is built on WPF.

Just to re-iterate - the ADFS has to be Server 2016 - TP4 and above. This will not work on Server 2012 R2 - ADFS 3.0. 

As before, the changes are all in a gist here.

On to the ADFS configuration:

You need to create a new Application Group.

Create the Native Client

The Client Id needs to be copied over into "ida:ClientId" in the app.config.

Create the web API.

The rest of the configuration is exactly the same as the previous post.

Exactly the same claims rules are required.

You end up with a new application group.

Note in the gist that the code around scope has been commented out. I couldn't get the scope to be passed over.

I raised this in the TP4 forum.

Run up the sample, click "Sign In" in the WPF application and you should be redirected to ADFS for authentication.

Then you should be able to add items to the to-do list.


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