Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Misc : Certification for blogs

There's more and more stuff on the Internet - which includes more and more blogs - and the advice and information in a pile of them is rubbish.

It takes ages to sift through all the information discarding all the chaff until you find a few grains of wheat!

stackoverflow addressed this problem with questions. People who know what they are talking about get marked up and you can gauge the quality of the answer from the reputation of the answerer.

We need something like that for blogs.

So there would be some way of getting your blog "certified" e.g. the author has a stackoverflow rep. of more than 10,000 or whatever. Then you get a "badge" that you can display. And you can use this in a Google or Bing filter i.e. show me information from certified blogs only.

We can but dream!


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