Monday, November 17, 2014

AD : Information about the domain could not be retrieved (1355)

Setting up a new system with an AD in a DC in another domain that is "sandpitted" and got this error.

"Information about the domain could not be retrieved (1355)".

Can ping the DC but the IP / Name is in my host file - it's not on the DNS.

Lots of stuff on the Internet - mainly red herrings.

The problem was the DNS "hole" - adding this DC as my alternate DNS on my Windows 7 box fixed the problem.


Turns out this is not sufficient. Still get this &^%&^% problem.

 Start / Control Panel / Network and Internet / Network and Sharing Centre

On LHS at top / Change Adapter Settings

Right click / Disable

You will lose your network connection!!!

Right click / Enable

All will be well until you reset your PC and then you will have the joy of doing it all again.

Use at own risk but works for me.


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