Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Misc : GitHub for Windows - Clone in Desktop

GitHub for Windows is a neat tool but suffers from a severe lack of documentation.

I find a project I like, click "Clone in Desktop" on the RHS and it takes me to a screen saying "Download GitHub for Windows" even though I have the damn thing already installed.

So ^^%$$% frustrating.

Mr. Google to the rescue and after a number of false starts (Google sucks more and more at delivering useful search results) I discovered that you need to log-in first on the GitHub site.

Then all is OK.

Going by the number of hits I found on this, 99% of this would be avoided if GitHub put a notice to that effect on the page e.g.

"You must first Login".



LeoB said...

It does not work for me any more even if I login. Today is the first time I experience this.

It looks like the security for Chrome has changed or something like that. I really have no clue at the moment. Perhaps you have?

Tim Wilson said...

You saved me much time and frustration. Thank you!