Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rant: If you are already in a hole ..


Well – YAC – Yet Another Category!

The actual quote is “If you are already in a hole, stop digging”.

I see this every day. We go to a customer, talk about claims-enabled applications. talk about WIF and ADFS, SAML, SSO etc. and the customer is happy.

Then they ask “Actually we’ve got this open-source gateway product that we use. Can ADFS work with it?”. This gateway product is a “sort-of” AM ala TMG, UAG, OpenAM etc.

The correct response is “Sorry, we can’t be experts in every product in the known universe. You probably need to go back to the vendor. We might be able to help but it’s on a ‘best endeavour’ basis – no guarantees”.

The incorrect response is “OK no problem, we’ll check it out”. The customer interprets this as “OK – now it’s your problem”.

Two months later – one pissed-off customer – the guy who wrote the product is somewhere in Siberia – doesn’t answer emails – and we keep on digging the hole deeper.

Tell the customer up front – we are IDENTITY people NOT network people. If they want to get pissed off, well and good – they can find someone else to sort it out!


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