Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Visual Studio : "Set As Start Page" doesn't work in the real world

I have a web site that contains a "Default.aspx" but I want the start page to be "abc.aspx".

So in Visual Studio 2010, I right click the "abc.aspx" page and select "Set As Start Page".

Hit F5 - works perfectly.

Deploy it to a real IIS 7 server and WTF - Default.aspx is displayed in all its delights?

Turns out the "Set As Start Page" option only applies to Cassini - the VS internal web server (which is why it works when you hit Run ( = F5)).

In the real world, you have to go to the web site inside the IIS Manager, select "Default Document" and then type abc.aspx and move it up to the top.

There you go!


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