Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Windows : Windows Integrated Authentication

This is for Windows Integrated Authentication (IWA / WIA)

If you want to use this to automatically log into other sites that you access after logging in once when you come into work:

The site you want to access has to be in the “Local Intranet” zone.

The WIA setting in the IIS site – Authentication icon should be set.

For IE (which can do this behind the scenes):

  • Tools / Internet Options / Security / Custom Level (Scroll down to end) / Automatic login only in Intranet zone
  • Tools / Internet Options / Advanced (Scroll down to Security) / Enable Windows Integrated Authentication.

For Firefox, see

FireFox supports Integrated Windows Authentication


Configuring Windows Integrated AuthN

Note there are three articles here.


SSO with Office 365: ADFS Logon Web Site / Authentication / Browser Support


AD FS, Enhanced Protection for Authentication (EPA), Chrome and Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA)


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