Friday, September 05, 2008

Excel: "Pass" / "Fail" in a column and "Fail" in red

There is a pivot table spreadsheet on the openSTA site which allows you to work with timers. I wanted to compare that with a required result and then place "Pass" or "Fail" in the column depending on the result and then have "Fail" in red to highlight it.

You could of course use VBA but that requires a bit of programming skill.

The fist part is easy - just use the formula:


where H1 is the openSTA timer result and K1 is the required result.

The second part is done via selecting the "Pass" / "Fail" column and then right-click / Format / Conditional Formatting.

The condition is "Cell value is equal to "Fail"", then click on the "Format" button and select the red colour.


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