Tuesday, May 27, 2008

C# : Simple logging framework

Java of course has Log4J and C# has Log4NET but if you are after a simple, cut down, no bloat framework have a look at:

a .NET logging framework

As the author states:

Why should I use this framework?

How popular is it?
Real companies building real applications use this framework. Most people who evaluate this framework choose to use it.

There is another popular framework with a download of several megabytes(!!), while yours is only about 100K (the DLL itself is only 40K). What gives?
With this framework you get a framework. Out of the box you'll be able to accomplish 99% of your logging tasks. Yet it isn't bloated with unnecessary complexities. For the 1% of other logging tasks you might have, you can easily extend it.

Having used it, yes it works, yes it's simple, yes it did what I wanted!


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